Hello everyone, it’s time for our 2021 update letter and a theme is emerging! Once again…sadly, we cannot even begin to fill all of the requests. This year everything looked very promising in June, with the fields full of happy, flourishing trees covered in thousands of beautiful little white blossoms. The weather was ideal but at the most inopportune time, the heat dome struck with temperatures up to 46°and the blossoms shrivelled in place. Had the high temperatures arrived one week earlier or one week later, everything would have been fine. As it was, we estimate we lost 60 to 80% of our harvest. This resulted in a very limited production once again. That being said, we did have a very happy harvest and a successful pressing, even though it was in the middle of the atmospheric river event! We stopped picking for a couple of days, navigated detours, power outages, etc., but everything worked. Once again, we were rewarded with just enough beautiful olive oil to keep the dream alive!


Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. Our goal continues…”to produce enough olive oil for everyone who desires it.” The second theme that is emerging… We are very hopeful for 2022 harvest, sure it will be the best yet!







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As you know, this is a boutique farm with a small crop so we can not promise that we can fill all the order requests, but we will do our best! We will keep working towards the day we can fill them all!


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