We would like to provide you with a brief update on our 2020 harvest. As many of you know, the early spring in British Columbia this year started out great but in late May and June it turned wet and cold. This had a huge effect upon our crop. Although we had done a major prune this year, we were still able to grow 50% more olives than in 2019.  Unfortunately, due to the late blossoming and our shortened growing season, there was little oil in each olive, which resulted in a very limited production. Sadly, we were unable to fill the majority of our orders. We did not even open up our new order form on the website. That being said, we do hope that you will continue patiently waiting.  We have high hopes that 2021 is going to be a better year... not only for the olive farm but much more importantly for everyone around the world!  Until then, please enjoy some moments captured this harvest on the farm.








Harvest 2020


We would like to provide you with a brief update on our 2020 harvest... Read full update....


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As you know, this is a boutique farm with a small crop so we can not promise that we can fill all the order requests, but we will do our best! We will keep working towards the day we can fill them all!

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